Maker In Residence

The Maker-In-Residence designation allows any Making Awesome member the opportunity to act as ambassador for the space by showcasing their particular skills and abilities to members and engaging the community in their work. The Maker-In-Residence is given a dedicated work area where they have the continuous ability to work on their personal projects. They will also received a sponsored membership for the space during their tenure as Maker-In-Residence.

As part of their duties, the Maker-In-Residence will serve as a Making Awesome ambassador to the community through outreach. Such outreach may include providing educational workshops, taking leadership on organizational projects, performing community recruitment, and contributing to the development of our space. The Maker-In-Residence is selected by the Board for a three-month term with an option to be extended by the Board. Applications from members to be considered for Maker-In-Residence will be accepted on a rolling basis.

To apply, please download and complete an application and send it to [email protected].