New tools

Over the years, we have run several tool surveys, asking members and friends of the space which tool we should get next. High on the list have been a higher power laser cutter and a CNC machine. As you may have heard, we were recently given a 100 watt Epilog Legend laser cutter. We're currently working out how to get the machine from it's current location to the space and hope to have it in-house in the next couple of weeks. While a full size CNC machine would be particularly awesome, we don't currently have the space or funds to acquire one. Instead, we are working on obtaining funding for a 1000mm X-Carve. This is a popular machine in makerspaces. It can handle wood, plastics and light metals.

The total cost of the unit, with shipping, is just under $2000. We think that we may have secured funding for half of the needed funds. We're looking for ideas on how to raise the other half of the funds. Thoughts (or donations) to [email protected].

Earlier this month, we received a very exciting equipment donation. We now have a Morpheus 3d resin printer. This machine creates 3d prints out of liquid resin, hardened by laser light. The printer was donated by Vulcan GMS, a medical device manufacturing company in Milwaukee, owned by a former member of Making Awesome. The printer is brand new, was delivered in a large wood crate, and was assembled and is ready for testing as soon as our resin arrives.